Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Friday night

This past Friday, I took my sleepy baby out a bit later than usual so we could check out the Argenta Third Friday Artwalk.  It's a nice way to see local artists and stroll through galleries and meet people.

Like, for example, Sister Maria.  She and Evelyn are friends after that one time Evelyn tried to steal her medal back in November.

Photos graciously emailed to me by Sister Maria after we saw her last week and she remembered Evelyn.

She later held Evelyn for a while and they talked about Baby Jesus and Christmas cards.

This past Friday's event was especially fun because the Laman Library sponsored a children's event at First Presbyterian where kids could watch the Quapaw Quartet play and learn about instruments and musical terminology.  I know Evelyn's a baby, but she enjoyed it.  I enjoyed myself as well, and then I really enjoyed the juice box and cookies they served afterward.

(I swear, I'm not some weirdo who mooches off of children's events.  The librarians--who are Evelyn's BFFs--offered me some.  And told me that a book Cody ordered was available.)

Need proof that it was a lovely evening?  Look no further.

Yes, my big girl is clapping because she likes the beautiful music.  Yes, I know she looks a bit sleepy to be out at 6:45 in the evening.  Yes, I know I'm a lucky girl to have such a fun date.

And that was our Friday night!

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