Thursday, February 16, 2012

No-Spend Adventure: Week 2....sort of.


Y'all, we spend money.  Not all the time and not often a lot, but we spend money.

We are (Cody is) pretty bad about stocking up, and so we have to go out and buy everything any time we want to eat at home.  Which is actually something we do pretty frequently, so that we can save money. Ha.

Had we gone into the no-spend this morning with the intention of cleaning out the cabinets, we would have had a dinner of one can of tuna, Lipton sweet tea, Jiffy corn bread, and a can of pineapple chunks.  I'm not opposed to that dinner, but I would have been hungry and angry an hour later.  I get angry when I'm hungry.  We need substantial dinners with lots of fat and protein.

This has been a month of unexpected expenses.  Evelyn's pediatrician recommended a humidifier for her sinus issues (babies get them, man.  She gets them hard.), so we bought one.  There was a sale on baby food, so I got some.  Our coffee maker died after 5 years of faithful service and our mourning period lasted one whole day and then we ran out and got another one because COFFEE.  A battery went out in our smoke alarm.  Whole Foods had a sale on asparagus and I bought some for Cody as a Valentine's Day present because I'm such a good wife.  Cody bought ingredients to make cookies for the restaurant and we haven't been reimbursed.  Probably because I have the receipts and so he can't turn them in.  Oops.  And then I needed more containers for milk.  Breastfeeding may be pretty simple and free.  Getting breastmilk in a baby when you're working nearly full-time is not. 

Did I need to buy one of those weird tube top things you wear while pumping so you can type and kiss the last tiny shred of your dignity goodbye?  No.  Was my life a lot easier this morning because I did?  Absolutely.  Every time I catch myself thinking it's a little dumb to buy more bags for milk because we should be wrapping this up, I remember that I thought that when she was 9 months old.  Neither of us seem that interested in stopping, so here we are.

So yes, here we are. It's my mantra these days.

Here we are.  This is what works.  This is what we'll do until it doesn't work and then we'll do something else.

We spend money on things we need.  I haven't bought yarn in nearly 2 months.  I haven't bought clothes on an impulse (for Evelyn or us) in over a month.  The last movie we bought was X-Men: First Class, and that was in December.  Before that?  I think we bought a few DVDs when I was on maternity leave.

Also? Yesterday I bought a baby food processor because you have to put so much food in a real food processor before you can run it.  I regret nothing!  Actually, I wish I could have found one that was just a little hand grinder but everything is precious and electric and comes with little useless containers.  There's even one with a smiley face.  It unsettled me in ways I can't quite describe.  If you want your kid to think that mashed corn comes from an anthropomorphic food processor, though, whatever. Good for you!  Evelyn used to be best friends with a box of diapers!  Whatever works!

She would just laugh and  laugh with her box and talk to it.

Maybe it talked back to her.  They were pretty tight for a few weeks there.

Ahem.  Anyway.

So.  There's no way I'm going to tell you what we spent this week because 1) it's definitely breaking our no-spend limit and 2) Cody has some of the receipts and I don't know what he spent when he had to run out and buy olive oil, toilet paper, dishwashing detergent, and garlic.  Yes, garlic.  We've run out of every important staple in the last 2 weeks!

What I will do is (try to) post twice a week until the end of the month to talk about things we do to save money.  It'll be Frugal February! It's going to be fun!  It's going to let me enjoy our trips to the grocery store once again!

Here's a link to a post I've already done! Excellent.  Frugal and kind of lazy. 

Here we are.

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Mom2Four said...

I love your attitude. Frugal February is a great new title because trying to do a no spend month with a new little one would be super stressful.

Good job!!!!