Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No-Spend 2012: Week 1

It's February, the month of just 4 little weeks (plus one day this year).  It should be easy to keep from spending money.  We don't get out much anymore and we don't have a lot of needs and yet.....

Money gets spent.

Fine, I used the passive voice to shift responsibility.

We spend money.

The total for Week 1: $153 (approximate)

1: $1 for Jen to buy milk at the cafeteria at work
    $6 for Cody to buy medicine and bottled water at a gas station after feeling unwell
2: $8 for Valentines
4: $15 at the corner store for milk and cheese
    $6 for a P'zone
5: $88 at Kroger
7: $30 for gas for Cody

Considering that our goal is to only spend $250 this month, it's a little disheartening.

And then there were exceptions! 

Regular exceptions include: anything medical, regular charitable giving, bills, and gifts.

This month had an .... exceptional number of exceptions.  Cody and I are still trying to catch up to my surprise dental crown in November, eye exams and glasses for both of us in January, and two payments for Cody's theology course because he apparently forgot to pay back in December and I didn't factor that into this month's budget.  Throw in a humidifier, baby medications (I hate teeth), and some other stuff I can't remember but don't regret and the no-spend adventure is officially a matter of no-spend necessity now.

I had several paragraphs of explaining and my general thoughts on money, but I deleted them because they seem a little defensive and a lot pointless.

Basically, this a nice little exercise that makes us look at our spending habits and our relationship with money.  Doing this for fun helps us when we have to do it for real, and it's something we'll have to do a little more often since we're making insanely big payments on Cody's car because we want to pay it off this year. 

We bought a ton of groceries, so next week's bill should be considerably smaller.  And if we go overboard, whatever.  We're fairly frugal people.  We try to keep our monthly bills low and small.  We don't go to movies or concerts.  We don't have cable.  We put money in our savings account and we've never had credit cards.  We eat a lot of (delicious) leftovers at home rather than going out, and most of our books and movies come from the library. 

Besides, if we exceed the self-imposed spending cap nothing will happen.  We won't lose this little game we're playing with ourselves, and we won't pay a fine, and we won't feel like failures.  Or so I keep telling myself.

We're frugal people and this is just a game.

A thought exercise.

A relatively entertaining adventure. 

Anyway, I told you I'd keep you updated on our no-spend adventure and now I have.  Ta da!


Laine said...

So you have a little over $32 for each week left? I totally used my calculator for that, ha! But, that seems doable! Since you already bought a lot of groceries. I have faith in y'all!

My guess: I bet you only end up going over by like, maybe $50 at the most!

Mom2Four said...

I think this "adventure" was probably a lot easier before Miss Evelyn came along.

You guys are coming up on a year of interrupted sleep, distracted meals,and "what does she have in her mouth" moments. It makes it a little harder to keep it all together.

I know you are doing a great job though. Someone's big smile tells me so.