Monday, February 27, 2012

Jeff and Faith's Space Western Shower

Jeff and Faith had a shower yesterday!

Yes, they're getting married in less than a month and that means they've had a lot of showers by now.

But I like to think ours was one of their best. 

We had chili!  We had friends coming in from out of town!  We had the theme of cowboys in space!

I made sheriff stars for them that read "Bride" and "Groom."
Thomas hosted the party in his home and bought flowers.  Then Jessi used a lot of star decorations.

Space-age gift table!

Branding irons and robots.

Jessi and me, feeling awesome about our decorations.

Guests! People came!

Cody made chili and corn bread!

Brook made cupcakes!
The guests of honor loved it!

Evelyn enjoyed visiting with everyone.  I'm pretty sure she and Jason are friends now.

After tons of visiting and eating, they were ready to open presents.

Evelyn and I clapped for the wonderful presents!  Travis obviously did not realize what a show he was missing.

Brook graciously took most of the pictures in this post.  She's the one in the foreground while Mandy daydreams behind her.

Alana took detailed notes while Thomas the good host looked on.

Brad and Cody and Cody.  Look at how happy they are to view Jeff and Faith's new kitchen appliances!


It's Bryan!  And Lynn!

We all had an absolute blast planning and executing the details of this party, and I'm very happy that Jeff and Faith had a good time. 

Thanks for being such a good sport, you guys!  Many happy returns!

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Jeff said...

BRAVO!!!!!! : )