Monday, February 27, 2012

Evelyn's first Flower and Garden Show!

I'm sure you're not surprised that I didn't take many pictures of the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show.  Even when I wasn't holding Evelyn, I was distracted by her or by exhibits.  I wholeheartedly enjoyed myself, though.  I went with Mom and Dad and my sisters and we had a great time.  There were plenty of displays and vendors and we all left with tons of ideas.

 Dad wore Evelyn part of the time and she really enjoyed the front-facing view.  You know what else she really enjoys? Hugs.  Mom got too near her and Evelyn needed to share the love.  She normally likes to pat Mom's hair or arm, but she kept a nice long grip this time.

Sara, Laine, and I all took turns holding her.  She helped Laine and Sara pick out yard decorations.  She helped Dad do some business on the phone....on a tractor.

They're just enjoying some milk and farming implement-browsing.
We bought plants and seeds and enjoyed all the exhibits.  The show's theme this year was Floral Notes, and so there were a lot of musicians playing in rotation at one spot that we had to visit repeatedly.  Oh man.  As far as this little girl was concerned, they were as great as the great big train set-up. And those trains were great. I wish I had taken video of Evelyn watching a man play the guitar while Laine said her name over and over until Evelyn finally looked at her and blinked as if to say "Oh, you're still here?"

But here's a picture of her enjoying Sara's bracelet and another act.

Violins really get her attention.

Then Levi came into town and we ate at Five Guys!  She just ate baby food, but made a good effort to steal my bacon cheeseburger.

She also really enjoyed catching up with her Aunt Laine...when she wasn't starting at those boys behind her. 

Sara was just biding her time until we went to Books-A-Million.  Once we got there, she held Evelyn for well over an hour.  She let that sleeping baby sweat all over her (and she really dislikes being warm) and then she bought her a Fancy Nancy book about Easter.

Levi knows he'll never get to play with Evelyn while her aunts are around.

 I don't have any pictures of our trip to the bookstore, but at least I have this:

 This is my new favorite picture and it perfectly sums up our day, which was really, really, fantastic.  Evelyn skipped all kinds of naps (with the exception of her brief rest at the bookstore) to enthusiastically bask in the attention of everyone and was the happiest baby you've ever seen.

I'm calling the day an absolute success.  She loved the flowers (which Laine let her touch before she noticed the dozens of signs saying "Please do not touch!") and she loved the music and she loved the company. 

I can see why.


Anonymous said...

C loved the train, too! Also, at one moment those musicians foolishly left their stations and C took the opportunity to run off with some drumsticks. I had to chase her to get them back. :/

Anonymous said...

I really don't know who enjoyed the day more, Evelyn or the rest of us - oh wait, it was a tie!

Laine said...

I'm with Dad, a good day was had by all.

Also - Jen (Eden), why didn't C come with us? Because that, plus Evelyn, sounds like a rocking good time. I'm all about a kid that steals drumsticks, ha!