Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Evelyn June is 11 months old!

Evelyn June is such a big girl!

She plays a lot of peekaboo and claps her hands all the time.  She can climb up the back of the couch, her balance is impeccable when she's holding on to something, and she can crawl at lightning speed.

My favorite developments: she can pull a blanket on and off of herself, and she gives me very tight hugs.  She pats my back with her little hands and grips my neck to the point of near-strangulation.  It's the best.

She still wakes up in the night and needs help going to sleep.  Sometimes I nurse her, and sometimes I don't.  I would say that maybe she's hungry because she's growing, but I'm not seeing a big change in her size.

We took her to a pediatrician for the first time in forever a couple of weeks ago (don't worry, she was mostly on-track with her vaccinations because I took her to our family practice doctor.  We were just in between pediatricians for a while there) and discovered that she's 28.5" long and weighs just a little over 16 pounds.  Somehow that puts her in the negative third percentile on the growth chart! Not even the doctor thought that seemed right.  We assured him that she'd never been a big ol' baby, her development was good, and I thought the fact that I was standing right in front of him as her biological mother would have counted for more.

Like me, Evelyn is a little girl with a big appetite.  The other night, she even had a few bites of roast.  She likes chunks of apples, sometimes she likes noodles, and she can really put away the mashed sweet potatoes.  I sneak mashed avocados into her baby food to get a little extra fat in her diet.  She has milk 4 or 5 times a day--and sometimes more often.  Baby food and milk are her main source of nutrition these days while cereal exists mostly to be dropped over the side of a high chair.

Books are fun.  Wooden toys that can be banged together are fun.  And anything that can be shaken to produce a noise is the best dang thing in her entire world.  Finding new ways to make noises gives her the biggest grin.  She just beams with a gummy smile taking up her whole face whenever she does something noisy.

Yes, she is still completely toothless. 

She also still yells "Ooooh!" like a hooting monkey to express her excitement.  She also claps to celebrate....everything.  Even if she just overhears me saying "Yay" she immediately starts clapping.  She doesn't growl so much anymore.  I miss it.  She jabbers and makes little bird noises.  We hear her talking in her crib long before she ever calls to us in the mornings.  On Sunday, I woke up to the sounds of her talking at 8.  Then I closed my eyes for a moment and woke up again at 8:30!  When I went to her room, I found her lying in her crib with her blanket over her belly, just playing with her teddy bear and talking softly to him. Awesome.

She's still in 9 mo. clothes, and even some 6 mo. clothes.  She has a lot of cute clothes in those sizes, though, so I don't mind.  Especially if I have to carry her everywhere--she's been a little clingy with me of late.  So I don't mind hauling my little lightweight monkey if she'll stay just like this.  I'm excited and astonished that I'll have a one-year-old next month, but I'm fine with right now.  She can be just like this just a little bit longer.


Laine said...

Little? She looks downright chubby in that picture of her reading the book. Look at that belly and those thighs! If only we all looked so cute with a chubby belly...

Happy 11 months Evelyn!

Mom2Four said...

She will be lucky to be as "large" as you are! You two are so much alike.

Of course, she is perfect just the way she is. You are right in that she is easier to carry when she is small like this!!