Thursday, January 12, 2012

When Evelyn sleeps

Cody and I have been working on Evelyn's sleep habits for about a week now and it's actually going really well.  I had some ideas and he had some ideas and there were a few library books and a few arguments and a few "Well, if that's how you want to do it then you'd better do it yourself" remarks tossed out there and a few attempts and ta da!  Nighttime and nap times are much more peaceful affairs.  Evelyn is a light sleeper (we don't understand the how or why of that), and she seems to sleep better if she falls asleep in her crib instead of falling asleep (while nursing or after being rocked) and is then carried to her crib.  So while she sleeps solid naps and through the night we, her happy and rested parents, can do things we want to do or need to do.

Yesterday while she napped right through the testing of the tornado sirens across the street from us (she's acclimated to that sound), I changed out of my work clothes, ate some leftovers, and pulled out her toys and arranged them by color.

Because, really, why not?

Maybe today I'll mop the floors or dust or do one of those other projects I've intended to do while she naps that I haven't done because we've had a hard month of almost no naps without the aid of a moving vehicle, 
but yesterday I was feeling happy and playful and it showed.

Thank God for naps and for sleeping through the night (both her AND us!).

And for rested and happy babies who laugh at things like this.

And for a life so filled with pretty toys that I had to make a separate pile for the multicolored ones.

And for rested and happy parents who can actually play and enjoy things when given the chance.

Goodness knows I have done a lot of thanking (and playing) this past week.  

So lovely. 

And fun.

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