Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Typo Tuesday: The Politics Edition

When attempting to call out the sitting President of the United States of America through a medium used by millions of voters, it's important to check your spelling.  Especially when you are a presidential candidate.  Especially when you're addressing an issue that's supposed to be pretty important to you, a person who no doubt uses a phrase like "the dignity of human life" a lot in debates, interviews, and campaign speeches.

If you don't check your spelling, your tweets could look like this.  And that would be embarrassing for someone running for the highest office of what is (supposed to be) the greatest nation in the world.

Undiginified, even.


Laine said...

Oh man, awkward. This is what FB, Twitter, etc. has done to political campaigns...make people look dumb. Where was his intern when he needed one!?

Jen said...

I know! All I could think of was what a hard time his Twitter person (because some people have them, and I totally would if I was running for office) would have finding a new job after this.