Tuesday, January 24, 2012

McClard's pictures and captions

Nearly all photos by Jessi.  And one by Jeff or Faith.  Here we go:
Evelyn wore pigtails for the first time ever for this event!

This is her trying to eat a French fry, probably moments before choking on it and throwing up. She was fine after that.  The incident only added to her reputation among our friends as a hardcore party girl.  "Puke and rally!" we told her. She complied.

Jarrett's half-spread.  Evelyn kept sticking her fingers in the meat.

She had to make do with her banana baby food. I ate ribs.

If they have a picture slideshow at their wedding and this isn't included, I just don't know what I'll do.

Jarrett, still eating.  Evelyn, still reaching for people's BBQ and glasses of water.

And still just getting bananas.


Sadly, they'd turned off their sign. So no pictures of that.  But here we are in front of the wall!
We loved it!  Even Evelyn!  Promise.

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Laine said...

I like seeing Evelyn reach for that Half Spread. That girl knows what's up.