Friday, January 6, 2012

Libraries and crafting and babies (oh my!)

Last night I went to the Argenta Library's very first knitting night!  Several people showed up, with varying degrees of experience.  There were even crocheters!  The night was declared a success and I'm told it will happen again next month--only they're changing the name to include all yarn crafting enthusiasts. 

I know you're just here for the Evelyn stories, though, so let's get to that part.

I took Evelyn with me, obviously.  I brought the sweater that I'm working on for her, and some toys.  She was more interested in pulling up on chairs (fine) and pursuing a stray crochet hook in the floor (not fine).  One of the librarians seemed to prefer babies to casting on (it's universal: everyone hates it!), so she volunteered to play with Evelyn and they had a blast! 

The first picture is mine, and the next 4 pictures are from Kathy's phone.  Who is Kathy? One of the librarians who Evelyn always gives big smiles to, and a lovely person who emailed me these cute pictures.

PS: I cut my hair.

When the date is set for next month, I will definitely be posting about in advance in case you want to go.  I love libraries, librarians, yarn things, and knitting opportunities that don't take place in the middle of a weekday.  Yay!


arkansaseden said...

By "varying degrees of experience," does that mean that people who don't even know what casting on means can come play? I want to learn fun yarn things! I even have my own yarn and probably crochet hooks and knitting needles!

And I am so impressed that you can take your baby places. Carolina can't be trusted anywhere. Just ask the patient shoppers at Kroger.

Jen said...

Oh man, there were people just showing up with needles and yarn, saying "Now what?" and the teacher was explaining things really well. It was supercool!

Thanks! I don't have a lot of options for leaving Evelyn behind most nights, so I inflict her weirdness on everyone around us. Fortunately, this was a pretty laid back group, and all the library workers 'know' her already. Oh, and the toys she's chewing in those pictures? Not ours. I have no idea where they came from. We embrace the germs.