Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Evelyn June is 10 months old!

Oh Evelyn.  She is so big.

There's been a lot of peekaboo-ing and clapping this month.  Lots of sitting up better and standing up stronger and eating more tidily and lots of adventures.

She met Santa Claus.

She had her first Christmas.

She got a new sleep schedule.

She's started wanting to read books herself.  I'll sit with her in the pile of books she strews everywhere and try to read a book and she'll take it for herself.  She'll play in her pile of books for a pretty good chunk of time.

Part of it's her increasing independence, and part of it's because she more well-rested, but she's not so clingy these days.  Yes, she'll follow me into the bathroom every single time I need a break but she won't cry while she does it anymore.

She's done a lot of cute things this month, but I can't photograph it as much these days.  She spots me and then this:

quickly turns into this:

So yesterday, when she just sat in her dad's lap and chattered to him and did adorable things with her hands, I sat and enjoyed the scene.  It's so fun to watch her be with people she loves.  She's an effusive girl.  Things and people that make her happy usually bring on a round of applause.  So she's not only a happy girl, she's a celebratory one. Clapping makes everything a little more exciting and festive.

She still grunts and growls and whispers, but her sounds seem more articulate. When she jabbers these days, she says a lot of "Dadadadaadadadadada."  When she's fussy or hungry or unhappy, she says a lot of "Mamamamamamamamama."  Everything else yields an "Oh!"  She says "Oh!" in a lot of different ways.  They're all pretty emphatic and adorable "Oh!"s. 

Thanks be to God, shrieking has subsided a lot.

She understands "No." and hears it a lot.  I feel like we're a lot closer to the toddler stage than I thought we'd be.  But she puts things on her head, and she constantly puts her hands over her eyes until we say "Where's Evelyn?" and surprises us with her face.  She dances to music and has certain favorite books.  She tries to climb up the back of our couch and our window.

She loves watching cars drive by, pieces of cereal, pacifiers, and drinking water from our glasses.  She can turn pages in her books like a champion.  She looks a little chubbier these days and I'm not-so-secretly hoping she's not gearing up for a growth spurt because she's just so lovely at this size.

I know she's getting bigger and stronger (and holy smokes, she is strong!) and smarter every day, but she's just so lovely right now.  Just as lovely as she can be.


Mom2Four said...

She is even more charming in real life! I have noticed that she will try to "smile" her way out of
"trouble". She will take a bit of watching...and no laughing--Grandad and Laine!! You guys would let her get by with everything for a smile.

Her little claps and peek-a-boo times are five star entertainment.

Love that girl to pieces.

Laine said...

Haha, I'm glad Mom called Dad and me out.

I can't wait to see all these new tricks!