Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby's first Jane Austen

I was searching through my purse/diaper bag/Mary Poppins-style everything carrier the other and realized I'd taken Evelyn's copy of Pride and Prejudice to work with me.

Of course she has a copy of Pride and Prejudice.  I thought all the cool babies did.

Okay, I have to fess up: aside from the days when I'd read bits of Beowulf aloud to Evelyn when she was too small to roll away from me, I've completely neglected to introduce British writers to her.  It's the sad truth.  I know you're disappointed in me for raising my child in such a deprived existence.

Lucky for us, her Aunt Jessi saved the day with a glorious Christmas present of Pride and Prejudice in this counting-centered board book!

Yes, there is a Pride and Prejudice board book.  May wonders never cease.

Aunt Jessi immediately read the book to Evelyn (and to me).  Then the three of us read it again.  And then she said I had to write a blog post about it.

So here you have it:

Evelyn's favorite page.  I try not to worry.

You know it's a Jane Austen book when there are marriage proposals all over the place.

The book combines a lot of Evelyn's favorite things--counting, bright pictures, lots of pink, gentlemen (?!), and chewable pages so we read it a lot.  It's a really pretty book, and a fun little play on the highlights of the story. 

It's never too early to start your baby on her first Jane Austen novel.

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