Friday, December 23, 2011

Positive role model

Evelyn has a lot of people she likes, and now I think she's found someone she'd like to be.

It started pretty quickly after we met Santa.

I had knitted a festive hat for the day before, and when the wind picked up I put it on her.  Normally she tries to pull off her hats, but this time she left it on for hours.

And yes, she is pretty jolly.

And yes, she has a nice belly.

This picture always comes to mind when I think of jolly and chubby.

But jolly and chubby babies in hats are fairly common, so I didn't think too much of it.


Then, a couple of days later, Cody called me into the room when he was giving Evelyn a bath.

You could say she liked the beard her dad gave her because she wants to look like him, but I think she has someone else she's trying to emulate.

If you see her creeping around your house tomorrow tonight, give me a call.  Please?

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

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