Monday, December 5, 2011

Parties, parties, parties

Alternate title: Mommy wants a nap.

For the past 3 evenings, Evelyn has been the most festive girl at a different party every night. 

For real.

I documented it.

I didn't document it very thoroughly, because I was usually holding a baby, and because my batteries started to give out toward the end of the weekend.

Wild stuff.

Let's begin!

#1: Brook's 4th (5th?) Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party
Auto-timers can be difficult.

Evelyn's sweater wasn't actually ugly, but it was seasonally appropriate. She was fascinated with Brook's festive headwear, and enjoyed visiting with all the friendly people wearing bright, shiny, and sometimes jingly sweaters.

I promise you she was not harmed by her Cindy Lou Who hairstyle.  Promise.

Also, her socks that look like shoes were a big hit.  Everyone was jealous:

#2: Alana's Birthday Party

First, a series of photos featuring Cody being taught by a two-year-old how to play games on an iPhone.  In other news, Ben apparently feels very comfortable with Cody.

Everyone, including the laughing birthday girl, was very amused by this.

Evelyn was held by nearly everyone, but I don't have many pictures of that.  Which is a shame, because there was a lot of cute visiting going on when Evelyn wasn't feeling clingy.  Rainy fronts are not our friends.  They lead to messed-up naps, increased clinginess, and general unhappiness.

BUT: I did take some very happy pictures of Alana celebrating her birthday!  She got a bike! 

She also has a puppy!  His name is Charlie and she thought it would be really cute if she took a picture of him in the basket of her bike.  He thought he should try to jump out and give us heart attacks.

Maybe that didn't go as whimsically as it could have.  But I think spring time is going to bring us some great pictures of these two.  Maybe they'll have matching hats and a bouquet of wildflowers in the basket.  

Or maybe he can run alongside her while she bikes.  Either way, big adventures await Alana this year!

Here is at least one picture of Evelyn from the night.   She's pantsless.  It happens.

#3: Toy Story/Princess Party for Most of the Family

Mom, Chad, Levi, and I all have birthdays this month, so Laine and Sara decided to throw one giant party!

Then Sara decided that we needed a theme and this is what we got:
If you can't read the banners, one says "Princess Party" and the other says "Ready to Play" with Toy Story characters.

It was a lot of fun!  The whole family, including Leah, was together, we enjoyed the decorations and goody bags, AND there were hats.  At least for the princess girls like Mom and me.  And Evelyn, just because she's so fancy.
 Speaking of fancy, Evelyn is not wearing the cute outfit I brought her because her Aunt Laine gave her a princess shirt to wear to the party!  I could talk about how dumb I think all the Disney princess marketing stuff is, and it probably warps little girls' perceptions about beauty.

Or I could show you my adorable child in her princess shirt.

And her princess hat.

It didn't last long on her little head, but wasn't it cute while it did?!

And here are all of the birthday people:

We just threw in Evelyn for good measure and she has to be in nearly every picture we take now.  She wasn't all that interested in helping me open my presents, so I'm not sure what Christmas is going to look like with this girl.  We shall see.

So, there you have it!  3 parties in 3 days!  No cards, 4 gifts, around 40 photos, and a few costume changes.  It was a fun weekend, full of laughing and talking and seeing people we love.

Parties, parties, parties.

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