Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our first Christmas

Oh man.


Following a month of inadequate naps, late nights, and/or frequent awakenings, it wasn't as bad as I'd feared.  Evelyn was overwhelmed and overstimulated and got pretty fussy pretty quickly, but most of the time she was incredibly entertained and interested in everything and everyone around her. 

And Christmas Eve?  I have pictures...on film.

I went to a party on Friday and brought my camera.  I didn't use my camera, but I took it and then lost it under the seat.  I thought I left it at home, and so there are no pictures of Evelyn rocking out with my family on Christmas Eve.  When we left to go to Dicy's for Cody's family's Christmas, I called him and told him if he couldn't find my digital camera he'd have to bring my 'real' one.

So he did.

So you'll see those pictures after I see the fine folks at Walgreens.  For now, you just have to trust me when I say that Evelyn loves her grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and eating wrapping paper.  And that I am good at decorating cookies.

(We both know I'm not.)

Christmas morning was a pretty low-key thing.  After a late night, we slept too late to join my family at church and decided to just take it easy.  There's video of Evelyn looking at her toys, and of Cody opening a stand mixer from me, but they're both so underwhelming I'm not going to post them.

How underwhelming?  Well, I was there for both events and I'm so bored thinking about them that I haven't even bothered to watch them.

Cody and Evelyn are not big on wild demonstrations of joy.

Actually, they are.  But not for Christmas.  I don't know when or how Cody infected Evelyn with his affliction, but I will get him for this.

Here are Evelyn's presents!

This is her haul from Santa.

Santa can get into homes without chimneys if you have a Santa key.  It works even if you have the key INSIDE your house.  Don't ask me how, it's just magic.

These are her presents from Cody and me.  Her stocking holds a toy car and--what else?--socks.

See how happy she is?

Behold: Cody's surprise!

The instructions.  Or the list of available accessories.  Either way, oh my goodness.

She was just humoring us with her little shoes.  She actually didn't like them because she has my warm feet.

If you had told me last year that Christmas morning would have looked like this, I probably would have died for joy.  Just look at them.  They're so great.  He kisses her.  She waves.  They smile at each other and they smile at me.  It's a glorious day in, day out, thing.  I love it so much.

Then we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family at Sara and Chad's house.  Some of these pictures are mine, and some are Sara's.  (Hint: the good ones are Sara's.)

Mandatory picture of a child wearing a bow at Christmas.

I didn't win, but at least I beat Laine!  Sara beat us all.

Men.  Doing manly things, like watching Pawn Stars.

Evelyn and Laine.  Doing Evelyn things like eating jewelry and cereal.

Chad. Hiding from my camera. Always.

Sara and Chad, looking pretty for church!

Laine and Robert!

Us.  Evelyn is a giant!

I think they were supposed to pose like this with Levi, but Mom wanted Evelyn instead for some reason.
I hope you and your loved ones had a very Merry Christmas! 

Once more for good measure:

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