Friday, December 9, 2011

O Christmas ornaments

This is what the tree looks like when decorated:

A toy wand makes a nice star.

I put out an ornament Dad brought me from Holland, a wax angel I made with Mom and Laine, our First Married Christmas ornaments, and that little toaster oven ornament because it's just so cute.  
Also, there's a snowflake made by Mamaw.

Clockwise from left: Evelyn's ultrasound photo in a 2010 ornament, a snowflake crocheted by Mamaw, a Rudolph ornament from the year Laine (and Cody!) were born, a suncatcher Dallas painted for me a few years back, and a Santa ornament crocheted by Mamaw.

Left to right: reindeer booty, an ornament Jessi made for Evelyn, a Santa magnet made by Mamaw and EA that I turned into an ornament, a weird cattle-themed ornament that Casey gave us a few years ago that I like because it has 3 cows playing--just like us!--and two Fisher Price ornaments from Mom.  I don't mind if Evelyn can reach them because they're toys and they're sturdy.

I put a few Christmas-y things at the base of the tree.  You can also see Evelyn's Baby's First Christmas ornament from Mom.  I need to put a picture of her in there.

That's my sock monkey ornament right next to Evelyn's first sock monkey ornament 
(that's also for her first Christmas) from Sara.

Oh, and here's Ms. Standing Girl herself!

Please note how happy she is to be uncrushed by the tree.

I've already found another ornament for Evelyn and placed it on the tree since I took these pictures earlier in the week.  There's also two ornaments of Cody's--one that he made, one that he got the year Spencer was born that says "Superstar big brother" with a puppy hanging in a basketball hoop (???), and one that's a truck with his name carved as the load.  We also have an ornament of a train because I just think trains are Christmas-y, and a lamb ornament given to Evelyn as a gift at my first baby shower.

And that's it!  I have a few other Christmas decorations out and that's really all we need this year.  The baby gate spread across one wall and the toys covering half the floorspace in the apartment keep things looking festive enough as it is.  I'm enjoying the pared-down look.

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Laine said...

It's so cute! Good thing we had wands for party favors, fits perfectly!

Cough - that See N' Say ornament was from me - cough. Just saying. I almost didn't give it to you early enough to hang on your tree last year, but you told me that the baby 'told you she wanted me to.' Sure. It worked though...