Thursday, December 22, 2011

Evelyn's Christmas gifts

Just in case you were wondering, here's a rundown of what Evelyn is getting for Christmas.  I'm hoping to take a picture of her presents (that have yet to be wrapped) all laid out and beautiful on Christmas morning, but if I forget to tell you what she got after the fact, I at least have this little list to look back on.  (I think there's a page in the baby book where I'm supposed to write about this.  Now I can just copy it off of this post!)

In keeping with my pared-down Christmas approach, Evelyn's first Christmas is going to be pretty low key.  She's likely to be confused anyway, so there's really no need to go crazy.

Plus, we don't feel like going crazy.  I thought I would, but if Evelyn's not going to be that impressed I'm not seeing a need.

What I have felt like we needed were quality presents.  In this day and time, I'm not asking for heirloom-level stuff she can pass down to her own children.  We're a little too poor for such wild expectations.  But it would be nice if she had some items that could at least last through any of our babies to come after her, and maybe even a few cousins.  So we searched around and then realized that we'd be keeping Christmas pretty low-key because it's nearly impossible to find something at all, and then find something that isn't prohibitively expensive.

I wasn't as eco-friendly and patriotic as I'd hoped, but I think this year's haul is a 50/50 mix of quality and mass-produced junk from China.

So, between Cody, Santa, and me, here's what we've found:

Made by the nerds at Mental Floss.

From Holgate Toys.  I bought it at Whole Foods.  I am absolutely buying some birthday presents from these guys.

From Happy Green Bee.

Also from Happy Green Bee.

From Ten Thousand Villages.

Not pictured: the Olivia book I bought for a car trip to distract her and never needed to use, and its accompanying little hand-sized Olivia pig in a cute red jumper.  And the little hat I'm going to knit for her.  And the little slippers I found for her that have Pooh Bear heads at the feet.  They're far too big for her (even though the tag said they were for 6-12 months), but they have rattles and who doesn't love a good Pooh Bear-related gift?

And socks.  This girl needs socks.  Socks with grippers on the bottom.

So: Whole Foods sells Holgate Toys products in their store, and I had to get the fire truck because red is nice and Christmas-y.  Also, because we love fire trucks in this family.  Also, I think the fact that this old fashioned company has a website straight out of 1998 is very endearing.

We bought the basket from Ten Thousand Villages, which is basically our way of supporting jobs overseas....but the right kind of jobs.....or something.  I don't know.  We bought a basket for Evelyn there when I was pregnant and it holds the toys in her room.  We wanted a smaller box for holding toys or Evelyn in the living room.

Happy Green Been clothes are made from organic cotton, and are fair trade (and made in China).

The little pig and book come from Target, and were made in China.

The Winnie the Pooh slippers came from Babies R Us and were probably made in China.

The little baby hat I'm making will be made by me, most likely under fairly human working conditions.

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