Thursday, December 15, 2011

Evelyn June is 9 months old!

9 months is a very long time.

You can do a lot in nine months' time:

Learn to make peace with your messy house.

Discern when to nap and when to grab some more food and caffeine and take care of pressing matters.

When to go out and look at everything and run errands, and when to stay in and cuddle and enjoy everything familiar.

And some other stuff I'd remember if I wasn't so distracted with Evelyn.  (Ha.)

We don't have the time or space to go into detail about all of the things that she's learned to do in the past 9 months.  But I can attempt to cover all the things she's learned in the past month!

Just like every one before it, it's been a big month.

She moved up to more nine-month clothes, she pulls herself up on nearly everything (yay?), she celebrated Thanksgiving, she learned to sit herself down (yay!!!), and there's a lot of baby food-eating these days.  She really likes dry cereal because she can feed herself.  She tries to feed herself when I feed her baby food, and tends to get angry when I don't let her hold the spoon unassisted, even if she can find her mouth.  Last night, she fed herself a few boiled chunks of sweet potato and clapped for herself.

She'll crawl a few paces on her hands and knees, but belly crawling is still her preferred method of transportation. 

She really loves to look at the baby in the mirror and will now wave at mirrors.  And at people.  And street lights.  She loves lights.

Is anyone surprised that she loves Christmas decorations and gets really excited when she sees our wreath covered in glitter?  Anyone at all?

This has been the month of 'da da' and 'bah bah'.  I can only assume the latter is 'bye bye' because she hears that a lot when we're trying to prove to strangers that she can wave.  She seems to be saying "Mama" with some intention these days, especially when she's hungry.

She's been a little more reserved these days, but she still smiles at people and sometimes 'talks' to them.  If they stop and look at her, she gives a big grin.

She loves books and standing up at the coffee table.  She likes crunching on her dry cereal and I think I can see a tooth under her sad little gums.  Sometimes she sleeps through the night and sometimes (most of the times) she doesn't.  She doesn't always need to nurse at night, though.  Sometimes she just needs a diaper change and a pat on the back.  I'm sure she should be able to self-soothe and fall back to sleep on her own (and sometimes I think she does) by this age, but she's quite a people person and believes that she needs human interaction nearly all the time.  Besides, crying it out is for people who don't live in apartments.

She loves rattles and bells.  She loves signs and dogs.  She seems to love sitting in the sink for her baths these days instead of laying down in her baby tub.

She grows and changes every day and these monthly posts don't seem to record nearly enough, but it's all I have time for when she does so much.

I tell her all the time that she's the biggest girl, and she really is.

Happy 9 months, big girl!

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Amber said...

She's beautiful. Thank you for sharing!