Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Birthday post for Levi Alton

Levi is 23 today!

I don't know why.  He just is.

For some reason, he is not 17 even though a small part of me consistently believes that Levi is 17 and Spencer is 15 and they are young and our little brothers are little.  Never mind that our little brothers have not been little in a decade or so (at least when you compare them to me).  I just like the idea.

But no.

I turned 29 a couple of weeks ago, and that means that Levi would have his birthday just 10 days later because there are only 6 years, 10 days, and 2 sisters between us.

Levi really is the best.

He talked me through buying a computer online.  And he bravely did not say anything while I drove (while hungry!) around central AR on my due date even though he was practically twitching in his seat and obviously praying that I would ask him to take a turn.  He did, however, very adamantly shoe me away from the pesticide aisle of Home Depot that day and had to sit with me when I had to take breaks from walking around a furniture store that day.

I believe Evelyn is one of his favorite people, and I'm sure he's one of hers. He has facial hair and wears a cap.  He is tall and raises her far above his head.

He bought her a board book copy of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.  He makes her happy and tries to comfort her when she stays unhappy.

He told me last week, "I don't mind when she spits up on me.  I just, you know, try to keep her from playing in it.  That's the hard part."

Levi does cool stuff like take spit-up in stride, and buy ear protectors in the smallest size he can find in case Evelyn wants to shoot guns or go to a concert (sometimes we put them on her when the tornado sirens across the street are being tested).

Or buys her Carhartt overalls.

Or onesies.

Or books.

Or hats.

(I want to tell him to stop, but I love the things he gives her!)

He has known how to skillfully lock Evelyn in her car seat since she was a couple of weeks old. 

He refers to her almost exclusively as "big 'un", which I love.

He's also done a lot of freelance work, and then got himself a job being an awesome wrap installer guy.  If you've seen a vehicle for a business that seems covered in advertising, there's a very good chance that Levi had something to do with it.

He makes my parents happy by being around.

He helped me move this year--twice.  And used his truck as my own personal book storage unit.

He does 'big' stuff with Dallas (because it would seem that Dallas is no longer 3 any more.  What is wrong with people?!) because, well, Dallas is a big kid and Levi can pass as a responsible adult.

My sisters and I think that he's the best brother ever.

I'm pretty sure you'll agree.

Happy birthday, Levi!

Uncle Levi!

They're really good friends!

The ear protectors.  She loves them.

'They' say you can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps.  So there's that....

He even lets her drive his car!

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