Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bad pictures of a cute baby really aren't that bad at all

Sometimes you have to use the flash on your camera.  It's not pretty, but sometimes it's necessary and anyone who tells you "I either use natural light or I don't take the picture" is stark raving mad because I would be missing out on a lot of adorable Evelyn pictures if I stuck with that.  I love natural light as much as the next mommy blogger--probably more--but the days are dark and I'm gone some days and our couch blocks part of the living room window and things happen at night and girlfriend moves quickly and I want to catch her being cute.

So rather than bemoan my fate as a not-rich blogger who has never had professional photos taken in fields (sometimes for free!), I'm going to remind myself that all the solar flare shots in the world will not change the fact that none of these women have children with hair as awesome as Evelyn's.  And that it's never once occurred to me to criticize people's old family photos in albums that use the flash because it's not that bad. 

So now I (a chilled out mom and blog-writing person) give you (a very understanding and sweet person who's probably here for pictures of Evelyn, no matter what quality they are) pictures of Evelyn (and some other people) with the flash.


I know I did.
Hanging out with her Uncle Charlie.  Even when her eyes are closed, it's cute.

Wearing this adorable hat and reading books for quite a long time.

She crawled in there and got stuck.  I thought it was great.

Her dad lets her do stuff like eat washrags when it's his turn to give her a bath.

She likes to eat most of her animals, especially the monkey.

Sidenote: she's so good at sitting!

Prunes.  She loves them.  Promise.

Being a pensive Christmas present.

I dressed her up as Levi for his birthday! He bought her the hat, and then he bought with coveralls with Chad and Sara.

And her Granddad bought her the work shirt.  And shared his hat with her.
Bye bye. That's it for now.

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Laine said...

I love that picture of her with Levi. That really is the best outfit!

I also really like that bright green hat! Is that the one you bought at the LR farmers market this summer? That girl can really pull off a hat!