Tuesday, November 8, 2011


On Saturday, Evelyn and I went to the library sale.  We met up with Jessi, who wisely grabbed a box for us. 

I overdid it this year.

And I can't even pretend they were gifts or for Evelyn!  The majority of the purchases were for me.  I found a lot of books about different types of editing, and that almost never happens (at library sales or otherwise), so I grabbed nearly all of them.

"Throw them in the box" Jessi would command me.

We'd meet up every so often to compare notes and for me to throw more books in the box.  I carried Evelyn in the wrap, picked up books, and fended off the help of volunteers who seemed to want to play with my baby even when she was sleeping.  Jessi wore the backpack and carried the books.

We most definitely did not have our acts together, but we had a fun time.

It was only later that Jessi realized that people seemed to think we were a couple who'd obviously never tried to leave the house with our baby until that very day.

It probably didn't help that I typically refer to Cody as "her dad" in conversations, rather than "my husband" and this happened several times while I was talking to strangers.

Or that we were wearing (nearly matching) plaid shirts.

Or that Jessi sometimes likes to pretend that Evelyn is hers, and we took turns wearing her.

I mean, why would anyone look at Jessi with Evelyn and think she loves this baby like her own?

We had to show Evelyn the fountain after book-buying and lunch.


I don't know what this face means.  I just like it.

We had to take a family photo.  I like how it's equally unflattering of all of us.

Not pictured: the hat Jessi made for Evelyn.  It's a little large, so it would fall off every time Evelyn had to look up at something.  Which was often.  The girl needs to look at things.

Later on, we went home and Evelyn didn't nap and I didn't make a list of books like I usually do.  We played and I read/watched a little TV while Evelyn squirmed everywhere to look at books.  She only ripped one cover, and I think it was by accident!  Besides, it was Zola's Germinal, which I was probably never going to read.  Evelyn was extra growl-y, which was nice after a period of not-so-much growling.  Cody came home and looked at the books and we had a happy little family night in with the books and the squirmy girl.

"Research sounds really exciting, Mom! Read about it to me!"

 Um, then I left all the books in the floor.  And that's why you're seeing them in Sunday's pictures.  They were some pretty great baby-entertainers.

Baby's First Tom Clancy Novel.

We went for a walk later in the afternoon.  It was fun.

I love being able to dress this girl any way I want.

They're ready to conquer some neighborhood sidewalks.

And that picture is of some onions, tangerines, beets, and probably something else mixed with some vinegar and other things and served over arugula.  Cody found this recipe in The Joy of Monastic Cooking  because he is Cody and that's just the sort of thing he does when I buy him beets because that's the sort of thing I do.

And those are some of the more entertaining things that happened during my weekend.  I hope yours was lovely.

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Laine said...

The picture of her with her hand on that book, smiling at you, just proves she is your daughter. 1. Books, everywhere. 2. She is a BABY, and she's not ripping them to shreds. 3. Mt. Dew in background, ha.

And, I really like her cordoroy pants!