Thursday, November 10, 2011

There are no pictures and I thought I'd post something substantitive. It happens sometimes. Rarely.

I know I don't talk about feminism overtly very often (at least on this blog, anyway), but I wanted to share this link because this sums it up so perfectly for me.

Having a feminist viewpoint is important to me.  It affects how I filter through the stereotypes I see in the news, on television, in advertising, etc.  It affects how I divvy up responsibilities with my husband.  It affects how we raise our daughter.  I think it's a positive affect.

Being a feminist often means reminding myself that I don't have to dumb down, or doll up, myself to keep from being seen as threatening to men.  It helps me remind myself that that I can feel bad about how my hair (clothing/chest/make-up/clothing/home/legs/skin) will never look like the ideal presented to me in commercials for a fraction of a second, and then move on and call it a load of nonsense.

("Nonsense" has replaced another word I like to use when Evelyn's not listening, but I'm trying to get in a habit of saying "nonsense" all the time.)

Being a feminist means encouraging my daughter for being so strong and curious, instead of just praising her for being pretty.  Even if I talk about how pretty she is all. the. time.  It means my husband has a right to fuss if there's not a changing table in a men's bathroom.  It means speaking up when someone says "And you know how women get...." as if there are two types of people: women, who are hysterical and emotional, etc., and people, who are reasonable, right all the time, and in charge. 

Being a feminist means a lot of things, and that article addressed a lot of them.  I thought I'd pass it along.


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