Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post for November 1

Happy All Saints Day!

Remember when I said I'd give you Halloween pictures?

I lied.

Sorry, these things happen.

And by "things" I mean Cody taking Evelyn to his mom's house and leaving our camera at home, thus negating the whole "take your child to some family members' homes and take pictures after work" thing.  His mom took pictures, but they were indoors, may be dark, and I haven't gotten them in an email so I'm assuming they were.  Yes, he could have taken her outside.  No, he didn't because he hates sunlight. 

There was no hope of salvaging my plans for our Baby's First Cute and Relatively Low-Key Halloween.  Especially when we went over to Maumelle a second time, whiled away the hours (not literal hours) sitting in rush hour traffic because Cody doesn't drive during normal times like a normal person and forgets about the entire concept of rush hour and schedules a coffee date with his brother at 5 and then we show up 30 minutes late, and then it's too late entirely to take Evelyn around in her costume because she's cranky.

So cranky, in fact, that we didn't even dress her up at home.  Instead, I ate dinner while she played in the floor until she whacked her forehead with her tin butter cookie container and cried.  (I'm really hoping it doesn't leave a mark, but I don't think it's going to happen.)

Also, we had NO trick-or-treaters whatsoever, so now we just have a big bunch of Halloween candy sitting on our coffee table.

Oh wait, I forgot this was supposed to be a complaining post.

(Number of Kit Kat minis in the bag I bought for Cody: 50.  Number of Kit Kat minis Cody has eaten: 0.  Number of Kit Kat minis I have eaten: shut your mouth.)

We can file this year's Halloween in the same category where I file incidents like "That time I believed Evelyn's birthday was on the 17th for months," and "The time I thought Evelyn only had 3 fingers on one hand because I saw a picture of her hand and that's how it looked and I wouldn't check even though she was sitting in my lap, wearing a little mitten-sleeved sleep sack, because I didn't want to wake her/face the truth of having a Muppet daughter".

BUT: all of my minor yet especially glaring idiocies (I constantly forgot her name for about 2 months, and only recently started using it in everyday conversations with her) have yet to put a dent in her ability grow and thrive and check off developmental milestones with precision and flourish.

Which is why I'm showing you pictures from Sunday:


She'd just recently started pulling up when she's on her knees playing.  Dicy mentioned her pulling herself up this past week when I talked to her on Saturday and then looked at my face, and somehow tried to make it seem as if my firstborn had not actually pulled herself up without my presence.  She had, though.  There's no way around it.  Nothing holds this girl back! 

And then she pulled up to the couch Sunday morning, just to grin at her very startled parents. 

And then!, mere hours later, Cody was playing with her and stood her up on the counter.  (Of course while I wasn't looking.)  I heard him exclaim something and ta da!  I'm glad the camera was in reach.

He thought he'd just pull his hands away for a moment to see what she did.

She didn't do much other than stand up like it was her God-given talent and she's the best stander ever!

Yes, that is a bread machine propping her up.

Yes, she is the biggest girl in the world.

Yes, Cody did get a new Captain America t-shirt.  And a haircut.

No, we don't know where she got her balance and physical prowess.

No, we don't know what we'll do when she starts walking or baking bread all on her own.

Yes, we're very proud.

And wait!  Here are Halloween-ish pictures after all!

Whoa flash!

Evelyn's new favorite toy is her glittery Halloween card from her Aunt Laine.

And yes, I'm very proud of her glitter love as well. 

Yes, we do know where she got that trait.

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