Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Evelyn adventures

When I took Evelyn out to Romance this week, she played with/attacked Mo.
Photo by Mom, then emailed to me by Dad.

She also played in her walker.

She ate some pumpkin.

I think some of it found its way to her tummy. Maybe.
 And went for a ride in her red wagon.

She and her Granddad had a blast.

It made me think of the first time he took her for a ride in her wagon.

Late March.  Cody was so excited about that wagon, you would have thought Dad gave it to him as his birthday present.

She eventually grew to enjoy her wagon.

She's such a big girl now.  And she loves playing with her family.

It seems like she loves almost everything (except leaving her grandparents' houses).

And this is probably my new favorite picture of her.
I don't even remember what was happening, but she clearly loved it. LOVED IT!!!

1 comment:

Laine said...

Why is she so big now!?! She sits up in that wagon like such a big girl!

That might be my new favorite picture of her too. Man, she is quite the cute one...