Friday, November 4, 2011

It's that time of year again!

The library sale is this weekend.

Be excited.

I am.

And I'm shopping with my little reading buddy.

She really loves reading.

And she loves library sales.

From this summer.  Look at how short her hair is!

The first time Cody ever felt Evelyn move around in my belly was at the library sale.

We were standing in front of the classic literature section.


(Actually, Cody was a little underwhelmed.  It turned out feeling a baby move didn't make him any more excited about or impressed with the process because he was just that happy.  Plus, her movements at 23 weeks were nowhere near as horrifyingly powerful as they were in the third trimester.  Scary girl with her scary movements.)

I plan to move around shelves and shoppers with about the same amount of grace this year because Evelyn is still pretty clingy these days.  So in the wrap she goes!  Also, I'm just not ready to eat my words about people who bring strollers into the sale.  People with strollers are so clumsy and obtrusive.  But not me!  I'm different!

I'm actually worse.  Strollers are difficult for me.


So anyway, the library basement sale is going to be a lovely weekend event and I think you should go because the Razorbacks have an evening game this Saturday.

And please, if you see me all frazzled and falling down under the weight of my potential purchases, remind me to put some things back on the shelves.


1 comment:

Laine said...

Have fun!

And, I hope your books don't make you fall, considering you'll have a baby in a wrap. The End.