Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Evelyn June is 8 months old!

Eight months.

75% of a year.

Nearly the length of the average human pregnancy.

3 seasons.

The age of my baby.


Evelyn is fussy from teething, the rainy weather (she gets this way when it rains and I don't know why), and the lingering effects of her very first stomach virus.

She is trying out her pincer grip all the time, and does lots of strange little things with her fingers.  This morning I think she was either making metal horns because she loves nursing so much, or attempting to tell me she's a Longhorns fan.  It better have been the former.

She belly crawls.  She gets on her hands and knees and straightens her legs and looks like a tiny gymnast.  She still loves rice cereal, but isn't always thrilled with mashed up baby food.  She jabbers and loves riding in the car most of the time.  She loves socializing, and freaks all the way out when she sees her grandparents--she laughs and waves her arms any time she sees our parents.

She can blow raspberries to express her excitement.

This is also the month she became friends with every dog she encountered.

And on this, the anniversary of my child's birth, I have broken a tooth, spilled Mountain Dew everywhere, and participated in a fire drill in the rain.

It is always so lovely to come home from a day like today to nurse and cuddle and play and wrestle.  She's been the best part of my day for the past 8 months.

Happy birthday, pretty girl.


Amber said...

I love her! And you, but you know, Mom's always get second mention! From your pictures she appears to be quite studious. But, I am super excited that I can join the My Baby Has Lots of Hair Club! Yay! I think that Evelyn's and Audria's hair is almost the same color!

Mom2Four said...

It's hard to believe that she is already SO old!! I love her smiles and the cute sounds that she makes when she talks to us. Let's face it, I love everything about her--thanks for letting us borrow her on her "birthday". We had fun showing her off.

Laine said...

I like Mom's comment. I love everything about her too! I'm epecially loveing, these days, how cute she looks in hats! And how smiley she is. So sweet.

Laine said...

Dangit, typos.

I should proof-read before I hit submit...not after.

Anonymous said...

Metal horns because she can't wait to go to shows with Spencer and I when she's older \m/