Monday, November 7, 2011

Evelyn June, the curious little monkey

Here are some pictures of Evelyn in a literal monkey suit (tangent: how adorable would she be in a tux? Oh man).  Her grandma Dicy saved the day, as grandmas generally do, and emailed me the pictures she took of Evelyn on Halloween.

Behold, our own little Curious George!

And in case you were wondering if Cody's love for this costume was apt, I just thought I'd let you know I pulled her out from behind a chair 3 times this morning, away from the kitchen once, and away from the bathroom once or twice.

Evelyn and I were only together an hour this morning before I left for work.  After that, she and the man without a yellow hat were off to their own little wrestling matches/slow-speed chases.

Also, did you notice her sitting up like the biggest of big girls?  I love how she always likes to have her arm on something.  It reminds me of her dad and makes me laugh.


Mom2Four said...

Those are great pictures! I am glad that she sat still long enough to pose for them.

She is so busy these days that I feel like we are all "slowing" her down when we feel like we are rescuing her from danger!

Love that smile.

Laine said...

I love that costume, I hope she wears it all the time, just for fun! She does look like a big girl, her arm on the couch cracks me up. Just chillin', in a monkey suit.

Alana said...

Her eyes are just beautiful! Please give your big girl a big hug from me!