Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby's first Thanksgiving(s)

 Baby's First Thanksgiving #1:

12 noon at Cody's Aunt Becky's.  I forgot to bring Evelyn's cute turkey bib and then I ate turkey and ham and dressing and something with sweet potatoes.  My pumpkin pie was sub-par this year.  I don't know why.  I'll try again next year.
Evelyn, wriggling around in her Memaw's lap.

Cody and Dicy, actually willingly posing in one of my pictures!

Learning classical music from an educational toy.

This is usually Lainey's story-telling face.

Spencer was not avoiding my camera on purpose.  Regan looks nice, though.

All the cool kids wear plaid.

Cody's grandma and her kids.  And a great-grandkid thrown in for good measure.

Then it was time for Thanksgiving #2:

Supper at Sara and Chad's new house.

I brought flowers.

And my bright and shining face.

The meeting of Evelyn and Zoe.

I also brought these decorations.

Evelyn and Zoe are looking at each other.

Evelyn also really liked looking at the baby in the mirror.

Evelyn with her Uncle Chad.

And with her Aunt Sara.

 It was such a great time and we loved both of our Thanksgivings. 

Did I mention that I'm thankful? I am thankful.  For just about everything.


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Laine said...

I love her baby skinny jeans.