Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Animal adventures, pt. 4

Thank you for joining us once again as we chronicle Evelyn's ongoing adventures with any and all animals.

Last Friday, when Evelyn's festive Razorback clothing failed to ensure a win for the Hogs (as it usually has), she sought fun and excitement with her Granddad and some new friends.

She was bundled up in an ill-fitting cardigan I crocheted for her, and off they went!

She was excited.

First, a calf!

She was intrigued.

They are obviously friends!

She even petted the calf before Mo barked and the startled calf ran back to its mom.

Mom, aka Lindy.  She's a calf-having pro.

Then, another horse!  Evelyn likes horses. A lot.

Tuff didn't mind at all when Evelyn tried to put her little hand up his nose.

But wait, there's more!

It was time to play with Murphy!  Murphy is a Pyrenees, and they usually herd sheep.

"I am not a lamb, Granddad.  Tell this dog he doesn't have to look after me."

"That's probably Mo's job anyway."

Not pictured: Evelyn fearlessly checking the chicken pen for eggs with my dad's 'help'.  
I'm sure she stared right into their deadly yellow eyes and laughed.  
Or did her fake cough.

Tune in next time, when Evelyn will probably pet a hippo or a wildebeest or a cat!


Laine said...

She is so brave, it's crazy!

I hope you never introduce her to a cat, blech. Turtle would be okay I guess, but good luck petting her...

Mom2Four said...

I think we will pick up some baby chicks in the spring so that she can experience those little treasures!!

What great Easter pictures we could make with them :)!! My hens are slowing down on their laying anyway; it wouldn't hurt to expand our flock a little bit for the sake of a good photo op.

That is about as exotic as I am willing to get, though. Someone else will have to pitch in for her to pet really cool animals.

Jen said...

Laine: she already met Turtle. They're friends now. Or at least Evelyn is friends with her. I don't know that the feeling is mutual.

Mom: chicks are awesome, but what about a llama!? I'm sure the cows would accept it as one of their own.