Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Animal adventures, pt. 3

It's no secret that Evelyn enjoys animals.  She laughs and touches and babbles any time she's around one.  And it's no secret that every living being on the planet wants to be around her.

A certain English mastiff is no exception.

Mo has been freaking out over Evelyn ever since we took her out to Romance at 4 weeks old.  Something about her fast heartbeat winds him up and freaks him out and he clambers around trying to get close to her.  Until recently, my parents have had to push him away and get on to him and try to make him sit quietly on his pallet so he wouldn't get dog slobber on her tiny baby blankets and little skin and hair.

But now she's a bigger baby and I've been plopping her down in the floor to play with Mozart for the last couple of weeks.  And they love it!  Yes, Mo probably wants to smoosh her and lay on her and keep her 'safe' from everyone, but we're not going to let that happen.

I try to be an easy-going mom, and I like that Evelyn isn't afraid of animals, but I'm not going to let a creature that weighs 220+ pounds get as smooshy and cuddly as he wants.  (Certain large men, like oh-I-don't-know-HER-DAD, are different.)

Evelyn, however, gets to do whatever she wants and that includes touching Mo's feet.  He hates that.  Hates.  It's a big deal for my dad to trim his nails.  But Evelyn can touch his feet all she wants (she's very interested in feet) and he'll just twitch.

Want to see for yourself?  Of course you do.  So here you go:


Mom2Four said...

You should have seen Mo's head pop up when he heard Evelyn's voice on this video. He came over and looked for her when Dallas and I watched it the second time.

I love her smile!! Looking forward to your next visit

Laine said...

I think between Robert and me, we've watched this like, 6 times. It's so cute! They are going to be best friends...