Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You're safe and you're welcome.

Good news!


Evelyn has been doing some volunteer work with a civic-minded member of the community.

I can't say too much about him, but I can tell you that he's in a position to help others.  
And he loves taking on young helpers!

We're thrilled!

The hours are good.  Evelyn's a bit of a night creature, anyway.

This is a great opportunity for her to work on her crimefightingcivic-minded skills.  
And improve her impressive physical dexterity.

I think she has a future in this.

Plus, she just looks so cute in the outfits she wears.


Anonymous said...

I kind of want to snatch your cute cute baby.

Laine said...

Those are the cutest pajamas ever! The cape and utility belt are my favorite parts. She could totally be a superhero crime fighter, she's so fearless...

Alana said...

I do feel much safer since seeing this post. Oh, what a cutie pie! I just love her little face!

Jen said...

Dear Eden: No. You cannot have two cute babies and leave me with zero. Plus, I need her protection.

Dear Laine: I know. And I know! And I know. She's a cool girl.

Dear Alana: I'm glad! She's just the cutest little crime fighter ever. EVER!