Thursday, October 20, 2011

You probably can't tell, but that's a picture of me about to unsubscribe from a frugality blog where the guy is a stay-at-home dad because he can make enough money telling people how to save their money to do so.  Good for him, but I'm not getting crazy with vegetarian cooking.  Or cooking in general.


It's a new day.  And I'm happy.

And I had a pretty good afternoon yesterday.  Evelyn took several naps, I went to the dentist and discovered I was cavity-free, and then we went out to Romance to play.  Sure, Evelyn fussed sometimes when I left the room, but there were other people to entertain her.  It was a good day, and I'm especially thankful for my mom reminding me that we should be upping the dosage of Tylenol until Evelyn stops being so uncomfortable with teething.  (We were still giving her the half-dose we gave her a few months and several pounds ago.) 

And for Mom's nice comment on the last post.

And for Eden's nice comment.

And for a mother-in-law who will leave work to keep Evelyn.

And for a brother-in-law who's able to watch Evelyn if my mother-in-law has to go back to work, and who was actually a little sad that he didn't get the chance to watch her Tuesday and was happy when she wanted to play with him.

And for everything else.

And everyone else.

I didn't take pictures of us having a blast yesterday, which is too bad because she and Dallas read books together.  But I did take pictures when we went out to play last week, when the weather was a little nicer.

So here are pictures of Evelyn driving tractors, Terry (Levi's car), feeding steers hay, and being weighed.

And loving on dogs.

That's another thing going on with us right now: Evelyn loves dogs.  My parents' dogs, her Memaw's dog, stranger's dogs.  All of them.  They are to be petted, poked, and laughed at.  My baby likes dogs!

I don't think she liked being in a bucket.  I don't know why.
And if you're curious, Evelyn stayed up until 11 last night.  Even with lots of nursing and Tylenol, and she cried when Cody tried to give me a break by rocking her for a while.  But she slept soundly, and woke up at 3 for a changing and a feeding.  It's not magic, but it's certainly not bad.

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