Monday, October 17, 2011

Evelyn is 7 months old!

Evelyn is a big girl!  She babbles!  She sits up (mostly)!  She eats cereal!  She sleeps in a crib instead of a cradle!

Someone hold me.

Month 6 was a pretty big deal.  She teethed some more and fussed, but teeth are still hidden, far-off things.  She had her six-month vaccinations and they went fine.  She met a ton of animals and loved every single one. She doesn't have stranger anxiety, but is a little more clingy with me these days.  She makes new sounds every week.  She laughs at things like books on a shelf or streetlights or running water.

She crawls a lot.  It's still technically just scooting on her belly, but she can move pretty far pretty quickly with just that.  We have to shut doors to keep her out of rooms and away from power cords.  That girl loves power cords.

She likes going for walks and loves it when we read to her.  She loves music.  (Still.)  She likes to pull off her socks and chew on them.  She's better at traveling.  She seems to recognize certain words--especially people's names.  She gets upset when we have to stop doing something she likes, like when we leave a grandparent's house or pull a power cord out of her hands.

And we're trying out solids!  She wasn't a big fan of mashed bananas, but she loves really soupy rice cereal.  I really appreciate people being so excited about that--I got texts, 2 likes on YouTube, several comments in real life, and her Uncle Brad made this for us:
Meme baby!
She seems hungry all the time and I'm worn out because of it.  I got a little scared when I realized I was nursing her around 4 hours a day--on days when I was out of the house for 8.5 hours!  But Cody and I are now splitting up the night feedings and she seems to be slowing down her crazy growth spurt.  I hope so, anyway.  My baby-carrying muscles need a chance to catch up, and she has some precious clothes in this size.

Just how big is she?  We haven't measured in far too long, but I know she weighs a little over 17 pounds.  And how do we know?
Thanks, Granddad!
Evelyn celebrated her seven-month-birthday traveling like a champ and shopping and playing with most of my family.  We drove to Memphis with Sara for Girl's Day at Laine's house.  Robert, Dad, and Levi were also there, but sometimes we just did girl things. 

Like check out Yarniverse.  She loved it.

And browse a children's bookstore.
After going to bed far too late (we told her she was full and tired, but she didn't believe us because she was so excited to see her dad), she slept through the night in her big girl crib!

I love life with this girl. 

5 generations!


Laine said...

Happy Seven Month Birthday, big girl! I've noticed, that in pictures, she's starting to look more like Mom. Don't you think? Espcially that one of her in her walker wearing the brown polka dot shirt.

Anonymous said...

My seventeen month old weighs the same as your seven month old. Just wanted to let you know.

Jen said...

Laine: is that who it is? She seems familiar, but I couldn't place her features these days. Ha! You'd think I'd catch on.
Eden: Carolina seems like such a squishy munchkin, though! PS: I always think she is best described as a munchkin. This gives me hope. I don't think Evelyn needs to follow in my "20 pounds at 2 years" footsteps.....but I wouldn't be too distraught if she did. Small is beautiful, etc.