Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Did I ever tell you about the time we went to the fair?

We went to the state fair a couple of weekends ago.  Cody had passes and we'd made plans to go, but then he changed the plan and suddenly asked me "Do you want to go today instead?"

Did I want to go to the state fair?

This man doesn't know me at all.

So we dressed Evelyn in overalls that we later removed because it was so dang hot, threw the stroller in the car, and off we went!

I didn't take as many pictures as I'd planned because I typically had to push the stroller because Cody says it's "too short" for him.

AND: we didn't take her to the FFA Children's Barn because we're bad parents and didn't check out that part of the fairgrounds and by the time I remembered it we were on the other end of the layout and we were about to leave because she was asleep but after the fair we went to Cody's Memaw's house and in addition to seeing family she met her Memaw's dog, Maxi, and her Aunt Julie's horse, Patrick, so at least there's that and here are pictures as proof:

Well, that's just a picture of her meeting Patrick because I just remembered that Martha told me to delete the ones of her, Maxi, and Evelyn because she didn't like the way she looked but she never said anything about this one.  But Evelyn was great friends with Maxi and Patrick!  Really!

Man, I feel bad about skipping the FFA barn.  They have ducks.  And sometimes a buffalo or something.

But we did walk through the cattle barns and Evelyn was not impressed with the cows.  She did love the fans that were blowing in the barns, though, and stared at them with an enraptured look she usually reserves for streetlights and anything that involves running water.

We also walked through the Starr Barn because I wanted to check out the broiler chickens, which were not there.  Phooey.  But there were some ornamental chickens and a really big turkey!  Evelyn was mildly interested in them.

There was an incubator full of hatching chicks!  Evelyn loved the sign on the incubator.

Evelyn was politely attentive to the rooster.

We love chickens!

Cody, and that's why he was in a chicken barn.  He also loves lemonade.  It was delicious.

Giant turkey.

Tiny baby chicken.

We also saw these.

I wish I could un-see them.  But I can't, so I had to share the horror with you.  Featherless chickens.  The sign on their box said they were miracle chickens, but I'm not really sure what's so great about birds that can't keep warm and look scary enough to make me want to cry and don't they need tail feathers for balance?  I don't know.  I just know they'll haunt my nightmares for years to come.

After I shuddered and yelled "So gross!" like the mature seven-year-old that I am, we headed over to the arts and crafts building because we love arts.  And crafts.  And canned goods.  I was able to take some pictures there.
Best Baby in Show 2011.

Evelyn was unimpressed by the giant watermelons.

Obligatory southern state art entry of The Last Supper.

The wine competition was ongoing while we were there.

Very Important Lady Gaga Art.
 And the quilts.  Oh my goodness, do we love some lovely quilts in this family.  We were in awe.

I'm sad this came out blurry.  The pattern was so busy that it looked fine in the camera.

Cody really liked this one.
 I think I forgot to take a picture of the winner!  It featured state flowers, and was hand quilted.  I was a little confused as to why some of those quilts were machine quilted, but I pretty much remain confused on why any quilt is machine quilted.  Hand quilting is just so much prettier!

Then again, I've just hand quilted one small baby quilt.  So maybe I should be quiet.

Here are some more arts and crafts.
More quilts!

And this!  If you could tell me what it is, I'd be very grateful.

Enthralled kids, right there.

Evelyn fussed quite a bit at different times and we had to carry her more than we thought we would.  Also, I accidentally bought a hog leg instead of a smoked turkey leg and it was a little gross.  And there's the guilt I felt about skipping the children's barn.  BUT: we had a lovely time overall, I successfully changed a dirty diaper in a barn (I'd always figured I could), the lemonade was perfect, and our child was too young to ask for prizes or rides. 

I'm calling it an adventure, and a really good one at that.

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