Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reasons to be excited for September

September is nearly here!  It's going to be fun!  I'm going to make a list to prove it to you!

  • September brings autumn.  Or something as close to autumn as the South can get.  Cooler weather, slightly changing leaves, the way the air smells.
  • Labor Day is Monday.  I have a day off of work!
  • Football season starts!
  • Football watch parties, football watch party food, football team gear.
  • Evelyn will turn 6 months old! I will celebrate by dressing her in Razorback onesies.
  • Cody and I will celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary!  Whoa.
  • My friend Jason will have a birthday!
  • Dallas is turning ten.  TEN!  That is such a big deal.
  • New TV!  I know I should be more active, or intellectual, but I spend a great deal of evening time on the couch feeding Evelyn and I like to be entertained while she dozes and eats and I just...semi-doze.  I would like to follow the adventures of the Good Wife while this happens.
  • It's pumpkin time!  Time to decorate with pumpkins, time to think about pumpkins, and time to make more pumpkins.  All of mine are currently sitting on my shelf at work.
  • County fairs are probably coming to a fairground near you.  You should definitely check that out.
  • The Cheese Dip Festival returns!
  • Cheese dip.
  • Cheese dip.
  • Cheese dip.
The end.  I hope you're just a little more excited about September than you already were!  And now, a picture:

Soon, my darlings.  Soon.

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