Monday, September 12, 2011

Fab 5

We went to visit Grandmother and Mooney in Wilmot.

 Evelyn and Grandmother got along famously!

 We took pictures of the 5 generations!

I think this is the best one.

But I also like how Mooney's looking at Evelyn in this one.

 Mooney loves babies.
She thought Evelyn was very pretty.

 We played outside a little.

Evelyn trying to get my camera.

Evelyn trying to get Grandmother's face.

Evelyn succeeding in grabbing Grandmother's hair.

She was quite squirmy this day.

All too soon, it was time to go.

Evelyn was kissed and hugged all to pieces before we put her back in the car.

 We all had a lovely time!
Fabulous, even.

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Laine said...

I love how excited Evelyn looks in every picture, it looks like she had a good time! I'm sure Grandmother and Mooney had a lovely time too, she's an entertaining girl.