Thursday, September 15, 2011

Evelyn is 6 months old!

Evelyn has been here, named and with a face, for half of a year.


She slept on my chest a view evenings ago and I realized she wasn't curled up with her feet in my belly like she used to be.  One foot was somewhere on my leg and the other was hanging off of me and resting on the couch like she was some kind of big kid.

She's long.

She's chubby.

She can crawl on her belly.  We had to set up play pen paneling across one wall of the living room because she was getting too interested in our books.  She kept touching my Brockmeier and Byatt novels, so really I'm just telling you this to brag.

She still can't sit up by herself, so we're not introducing solids just yet.  But she's getting better at propping herself up with her hands!

She likes to read books.  She likes to turn the page and hold the book herself and her face lights up when she sees the new pictures on a page.

She also does this fake coughing thing so much that Cody has finally decided to go to the doctor because that's how he clears he throat and he's been doing it allllll theeeee tiiiiiiime.  Sometimes she'll do the fake cough after a real cough just for good measure.  She smiles and laughs after every fake cough because it's like she's pulled this amazing joke on everyone.  "Ha ha! I'm not really sick!  Look at me imitating things!"

She growls like some kind of weird creature. It's cute and I need to capture it on video before it becomes another one of those things she doesn't do any more.

She waves "bye bye".  She doesn't do it every time, but she does it a lot and it's fantastic.

She usually smiles whenever she sees a camera or a cell phone.  Whoops.

She went to Oklahoma on our first big trip as a family.

She got pigtails.

She had a play date.

We went to Romance and Searcy one afternoon.

She went to Oklahoma again.

She came to visit me at work on my anniversary and charmed everyone she met.

She went to play with Grandmother and Mooney.

Man, she made a lot of new friends this month!

She likes to go to the farmers market.  She likes the library.  She likes the grocery store.  She likes the restaurant.  She likes being held and playing in the floor by herself and being outside and taking baths.  She likes a lot of things and she's a happy girl.

These six months have been incredible, and this last one has been absolutely lovely. I'm so glad she's here.

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