Monday, September 26, 2011

Animal adventures, pt. 2

(Part I of Evelyn's animal adventures.)

There were deer at Dallas's birthday party!

Fine.  There have been deer at Dallas's house since some time in early 2007 or so.

But Evelyn's never met them until now!

So I introduced her to the deer.

Evelyn looked at the deer.
These are the deer.  And their little calf friend.

Evelyn and a deer stared at each other.

This deer wanted to be very close to me.

Uncle Levi asked her what she thought of these creatures.

She loved them!  She's so brave!  And adventurous!
Even in the face of this.
(DeerDear Aunt Leah: I'm really sorry you saw this.  I'd like to remind you that you checked out some deer in this pen last year, so you know that Evelyn was never in any real danger from the unspeakable evil of killer deer and their malevolent plans.)


Leah Wright said...

I'm speechless....shocked....scared.

Laine said...

That girl...she LAUGHS in the face of danger! I'm not sure how much danger there really was, but, she is brave! Braver than Leah!