Sunday, August 14, 2011

We [heart] JB

Jarrett is moving to New York City for grad school, so we threw him a party.

We met Jarrett at a housewarming party of a friend of a friend in May 2007.  Jeff had a crush on one of the hosts, and Jarrett was invited after by the very same host after he returned a DVD to her just a day or two before.

I captured our first Jarrett encounter on film.
It was a boring party.  The burgers were bland, the underage children were drinking, and it was hot in that house.  So we sat in the corner with the kid looking just as bored as we did.  There had been another guy there, but he left after I told him his Louis Armstrong tattoo was "cute".

(It looked like the Zatarain's silhouette, and I've never regretted that we didn't wind up being best friends with that guy instead of Jarrett.)


Jeff invited Jarrett to be in his band Big Steve and the Beardsmen, which was just a long-running joke.  I think Jarrett was supposed to play the organ.  Once he confirmed that he could grow a beard, the friendship began. 

He'd meet us for dinner and he came to our birthday parties.  He has been Jessi's wedding date for at least 3 weddings.  They like to coordinate their outfits--except for Travis and Alana's.  That was just because Jessi was a bridesmaid.  That was also the wedding where Jarrett and I made up from some fight that involved something about My Morning Jacket and me making fun of him for being nice.

Jarrett was from Benton and went to school in Russellville, and he'd get lost trying to find our houses.  For the first 2 or 3 tries.  For every house.

He's been able to navigate Little Rock perfectly for a couple of years now.

He wants a map for New York City.

We love Jarrett. 

We love going to shows with him. 

We love that he would drive in from Russellville for birthdays and Christmas parties and just because we wanted to see him.

We loved driving to Russellville and eating at Butcher Boy's Burger Barn or whatever it was called and meeting his roommates.

We loved meeting Jarrett's family when he graduated.

He's missing his sister, but both grandmas were there.

We were so proud of him!

I was so excited that I made a sign.  I bet he really liked it.

He graduated with two majors--and with honors!

It was such a happy day.

Jarrett's been working at Starbucks since graduation and sometimes he sleeps on Jeff and Brad's couch on nights before he has to open up the store.  (We're so happy we didn't set up for the party on Thursday night like we'd originally planned because that would have spoiled the surprise of our decorations.)  I went in to see him the morning after my due date because I couldn't sleep. Jarrett asked before I left, "Do you think you'll have the baby today?" and one of his co-workers was horrified because she thought he was just asking some random pregnant woman invasive questions.

It's a good thing I like him so much.

I actually like him so much that Laine and I once tried to set him up with a friend.  It didn't work, but now he's friends with Laine and once got to wait out a tornado warning at her house!  Lovely.  They were excited to see each other last weekend when he came by before Jessi's birthday party.

Jessi had a Christmas-themed birthday last week and I didn't take any pictures of the party except for this one:

Jarrett came by early to hide an edible arrangement in the fridge, so that he could bring it out from our kitchen when Jessi was opening her present.  She's always wanted an edible arrangement, and Jarrett's always told her to buy one for herself.  She's always argued that you can't just buy yourself an edible arrangement because they're supposed to be given as gifts.

So Jarrett took it upon himself to make all her dreams come true.  She screamed so loudly when she saw it that she actually woke up Cody, who'd been sleeping on the couch.  (It can be difficult to wake up Cody when he's sleeping through a party.)  Jarrett's a good friend.

Jarrett and Evelyn are great friends.  I'm not just saying that because this is an I-love-Jarrett post and because Evelyn is so friendly.  She really likes him.  Obviously.

And I know he likes her.

Right before I took this picture, he whispered to her "Say your first word to me.  Say 'Jarrett'.  Jarrett." while I shouted at him to stop. 

We love Jarrett.

We love him so much that we rearranged Jeff and Brad's house, set up borrowed tables, put up banners, lit candles, cooked food, dressed up fancy, and threw him a New Year's in NYC party.

We love him because he finally let us throw him a party after 'skipping' his birthdays (last year's "We are old so let's catch the early bird special at Denny's" dinner at Denny's doesn't really count) for nearly 4 years.

I sat at the party last night, nursing Evelyn and drinking sweet tea out of a champagne glass while Jarrett talked about how excited he was to go to grad school in New York and how much he'd miss us, and realized how funny it was that we were all 'officially' grown-ups.  Some of us have already turned 30.  Some of us are married.  Some of us have kids.  We worry about things like managing debt and regularly scheduled car maintenance. married.  Jeff is engaged and the girl who hosted the party is a distant memory.  That college kid we met a million years ago is now moving to New York City to study economics and we're so proud and excited (even though we'll miss him) because we love him.

We love him because he enjoyed and appreciated every bit of that party.

We love him because he's fun on road trips.

We love him because he makes good mix CDs.

We love him because he's a sweet friend.

We love him because he's smart and hardworking and ambitious.  We know he's worked so hard to get to this point, and we know he's going to continue working so hard while enjoying every aspect of his new adventure.

Jarrett is moving to New York City for grad school so we threw  him a party.

Everyone dressed up and wore hats.

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