Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pictures of Evelyn's Sunday

Cody was hanging out with Casey last Sunday, so Evelyn and I had some little traveling adventures!

Mom put Sara's old wooden bead necklace on Evelyn. This is not my baby at all some days.

They were checking out the chickens!

She loved them.

She loved the flowers.

Then she had to go look at the steers!

Then she had to look at Levi's face.

Then we went to Searcy!  We went to a reception at our old church to honor the outgoing youth minister's family.  So lovely.

Evelyn napped on Sara while she and Chad watched a slideshow.  There were a lot of pictures of Laine, Sara, and Levi.

Here's another beautiful picture of Levi and his friend Allen.  Most of their pictures look like this.

Budding young Spiderman.  Don't worry, he was fine.

Sara and Levi with Brian and Stacey.  Stacey was basically an unpaid co-youth minister.  Brian helped clean out our house after the tree incident.  They're just a lovely family and I'm so happy they're still working with our church.

Evelyn enjoyed her day.  There was a lot of this.

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