Monday, August 1, 2011

I only write about the important stuff

Guess who has a library card?


We're very excited!  And not just because we, as her parents, can check out our own selections on her card and get 50% more books, music, and movies from the library!

But that may be part of it.

But mostly we're just excited because Evelyn has a library card.

It's about time.


Mom2Four said...

Another sign that she is your daughter to the core!!!

I had no idea that they would give tiny babies their own library cards. Trust Evelyn to be the first in our family to blaze that path. You rock, girl!

Laine said...

I didn't realize that's what she was holding in that picture you text me last night! She looks like she really likes it though!

How did she get a card, if she can't sign her own name?

Jen said...

The same way you get a Social Security card. We vouched for her, had library cards of our own, and I wrote her name on the back--mostly just so we'll know what library cards belong to which person.

We don't know what book we'll check out for her first selection, but we're thinking it should be really cool.