Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy birthday, Sara!

Me with my new sister.

Evelyn, if she'd been born in 1986.

Sara is 25!

I hope she likes being 25.  I loved being 25.  I've always wanted to be 25.  I even just like the number 25.

I think she should like it.  24 was pretty exciting.

She found out she was going to be an aunt!

She had some pet turtles.

She had a girl trip adventure.

She took all kinds of classes and made excellent grades in all of them!

She threw a birthday party for Mom.

She threw me a lovely shower.

She became an aunt (on our side--Chad already has tons of nieces and nephews)!

She was a huge jerk and somehow made Evelyn have all of her genes so that Evelyn is the perfect copy of baby Sara and seems to love pink more than any other color.  Evelyn apparently loved her for it because they're great friends.

She got a new job!

She's getting a house!

She's got all kinds of cool stuff in the works!

That's why I think 25 is going to be incredibly exciting.  She'll move to her very own house.  She'll graduate and Mom will make her walk and we'll cheer loudly and embarrassingly.  She'll be well-loved by everyone she works with because she is consistently loved by just about everyone she's worked with in any job she's ever had.  She'll probably buy Evelyn a tutu and maybe they'll have matching outfits.  Actually they probably will have matching outfits once football season starts.

25 is definitely going to be an exciting year.

She is holding vegetable soup to which she added Rotel.  It's her not-so-secret ingredient for everything.

They shopped at Target and wore matching outfits because they're cool.

We drove to Memphis and sang a lot of NSYNC last October.

This is when she turned 24.

I just felt like adding this because she's the only person I know who can pull off wearing an earwarmer.

Yes, it's true.  I know someone who can wear an earwarmer.

Big things are obviously in store for this girl.

Happy birthday, Sara!  
I'm excited to celebrate with you this weekend and hope you have a happy, happy birthday!

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Mom2Four said...

I cried when I saw how much Sara and Evelyn looked alike!!!!

Love, love, love this post.

Sara, you are so cool, I almost wish that you were twins. ALMOST.