Saturday, August 27, 2011

For Jessi's Christmasy birthday party,

I decorated my baby.

Right down to her knitted Mamaw booties.

Sometimes Evelyn doubts my party-hosting abilities.

So does her dad.  I tell them to both hush.

We brought out the tree!  People put their festively wrapped presents under it.

This is my Paula Deen holiday banner from Alana.

Brook set up an ornament-decorating station with glitter and confetti.

I even brought out my elves!

Faith decorated bags (to be our stockings) and Jessica and Ross gave us presents.

Laine crawled over half the apartment to string up Christmas lights.

I get very realistic with my Christmas decorations.

Jeff and Faith brought cookies to decorate.

Brad brought drinks.

I put out my wreath!

Jarrett's edible arrangement.
I think Jessi was happy with her party.
Not pictured: most of the attendees, Thomas's dirty Santa exchange, and the beautiful ornaments and cookies people decorated.  It was a fun party!

1 comment:

Mom2Four said...

Wow!!! Once again, I would love to be on your "party list".

You guys give the best parties that I have ever heard of. They look like so much fun.

Jessi, you deserved a great party!! And, girlfriend, it looks like you had one. Good job, Jen.