Monday, August 15, 2011

Evelyn is 5 months old!

Evelyn June is 5 months old!

She's so big.  And pretty.  And smart.

She's generally lovely.

She's gone to her first wedding.

She's been to a library sale.

I've started putting her in her stroller when we go for walks.  We both love it because we don't sweat quite as much when we're getting some fresh air.

She can grab her feet.

She can roll just about anywhere!

We hosted our first party since having a baby a few weekends ago and she was fine.  Cody pulled out her bathtub at 9 and we did our nighttime routine like normal, albeit a little later than what's typical.

I've started coming home 2 afternoons a week.  This has been awesome.

I've started going into work earlier and coming home earlier.  The coming home parts are awesome.  The getting up early part is not that awesome because I'm not going to bed earlier and it's throwing off Evelyn's schedule a little bit.  I think it will just take another week or so to straighten out.

I tried to measure her yesterday and discovered she's around 26.5 inches long!  She was only a little longer than 24" long about 4 weeks ago!  What a beast.

She's wearing more 6 month clothes.

She can entertain herself better on car rides.

Dallas came to play twice!

Her Uncle Casey watched her last week and they both had a good time.  I don't know if I've told you how much she loves her dad's twin brother, but she does.  It's fun to watch.

Yesterday, we watched her work her feet in her crib while she couldn't figure out what to do with her top half.  I can only imagine what her six month post will look like.

She likes to stick out her tongue a lot.

There are days when I wish I could take NyQuil, go to bed at 8, and stay there for 12 hours.  This may be all the days.  But there are other days when it feel like we've had this wild-haired girl forever and I don't need a decongestant that badly after all.  She's taking a huge interest in what people eat, and we're going to introduce solids next month. 

I have a not-so-irrational fear that she'll forget all about milk once she gets her hands on food.  She loves all things new and exciting and 'big'.  She likes to hold the book for herself when we read.  She likes to hold her cup of water in her bath tub.  She likes to push the bottle around when Cody feeds her.

She's big and strong and coordinated.  She can do more with her hands every day.  She laughs and talks and screeches at a pitch that should shatter glass.  She's friendly and curious.  She seems to notice that letters are different from pictures.

She's beautiful.

I woke up in the middle of the night sick, and decided to take this morning off so I could get some rest.  I slept 2ish hours later than I normally do, nursed Evelyn and got to see her smile in the daylight (did you know it's dark at 5:30?  It is.  The summer's winding down), and we both went back to sleep.  She's in her crib, zonked out, and probably making her cute little frowns and smiles in her sleep.  I already can't wait to see her again.

Happy birthday, big girl.

Being happy with her body at her four-month checkup.

She really loves baths.

She loves going places in her stroller.  Promise.

Showing off her skills.

Sometimes she gives me these conspiratorial looks.

She really partied this weekend.

Balancing her bear from Alana.

Going to the farmers market with Laine.

God help us.  She practically dove into the Christmas tree.

Looking like a busy bee at Sara's birthday brunch.
Sleeping through her first wedding reception.
Wearing a grass skirt at a luau murder mystery birthday.

Wearing her headphones and being cool with Dallas.

My mom got a picture of loving on her Aunt Karen!

Evelyn was thrilled to play with her cousin, Egan.  He did not feel the same way.

Sometimes we put headbands on her to take care the hair problem. Jessi likes the look.

Enjoying her library card.


Laine said...

1. Neither of us are looking our best in that farmers market picture, but we were having fun!
2. I LOVE that picture of Evelyn and Dallas, it may be one of my new favorites!
3. (Please read this point to Evelyn) Happy 5 months Evelyn, I can't believe you're growing so fast. I love you very, very much!

Amber said...

Grass skirts and luau murder mysteries, headphones and library cards. She's a very sophisticated young lady. She gets more beautiful everyday!