Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby hairdo

Earlier this week I bought 100 little baby pony tail holders because Babies'R'Us doesn't sell smaller packages.

Amazing things were bound to happen.

Evelyn and Jessi are good friends.  They trust each other with their hair.

And they did.

Jessi was pleased with her baby hair creation.

Evelyn was also pleased with her fun new look.
And the view from the back.
I love this long-haired baby.

Cody was a little sad when I showed him these pictures and said that Jessi and I were horrible.  
I think he believes that pigtails are for big girls. 

I think he's right.


Mom2Four said...

I saw those little pony-tail holders and wondered if you were going to let her wear them, or if you would be using them in some unique craft project!!

I love her cute hair-do!! Good job, Jessie. Cody will come to appreciate all of her new milestones. Thanks for all of modeling shots, Mom.

Laine said...

She looks so cute, I love them! Jessi is very good at doing baby hair, she's a pro!

And I now have a new desktop background picture...

Jessi K. said...

Thank you, friends! I can't even begin to tell you how much joy I got from giving Evelyn water spout pigtails! I was a giggly mess!