Thursday, July 21, 2011

For Laine and Robert on their anniversary

This is currently my favorite picture of you two.
Happy fourth wedding anniversary!

This has been quite the year for you.  Laine recovered from knee surgery.  Robert quit his job and went back to school.  Laine went crazy with her frugality skills (except for when she was trying to buy Evelyn's affection).  Robert made good grades.  They got a roommate. 

Laine and I talked yesterday how odd it was that she is married to a student.  She reads books in the den while he sits at the dining room table with his books and notes.  We talked about how these are the years she'll look back on fondly--the classes, the limited budget, the plans for their future.

I think these are years they can look fondly on right now.  They host cook-outs.  They travel to see their nephew and niece.  They have friends with a pool.  They threw a garden party.  They plan to go to the Pink Palace this weekend!

I hope you've had fun these past 4 years and I know you'll enjoy the years to come.

Happy anniversary!

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Laine said...

Whoop Whoop, four years!!

Thanks for the post, we both enjoyed it very much!