Sunday, July 17, 2011

Evelyn is 4 months old!

Evelyn has been out and about for a third of the year.  Hooray!

She's had a nice month.

She went to her first garden party.

She celebrated Father's Day.

She rolled over.

She went to a literary event and met Kevin Brockmeier.

She went to the comic store.

She had her dad's undivided attention for a week and a half.

She got her first teddy bear from Uncle Charlie! (That's what we call Jeff, at his request.)

She met Aunt Kelly.

She took another road trip.

She stayed in a hotel for the first time ever.

She talks more now.  She's started shrieking just to check out the sound of it.  She drools everywhere and can bite down hard enough to hurt my fingers.  I try to find things for her to chew on--washrags, toys, actual teething rings--but she seems to like her fingers or mine the best.

Yes, we did know she has a lot of hair.  Yes, we did know this is a little unusual for a baby her age.

Her unusual hair is turning blond.

I packed away some of her smaller '3 month' sized clothes.  It's '3-6 months' sizes all the way now, baby!  But even some of those are looking a bit snug.  I hadn't noticed her getting longer, but she must be.  We moved up a size in diapers.  She's plumping up like a champ and still loves eating.  Her other caretakers have resigned themselves to the fact that she will apparently never enjoy a bottle.  I have resigned myself to the fact that she will probably need to be fed at least 2.5 hours from some time before 5 p.m. until she goes to sleep every.single.weeknight.

She still loves talking to strangers and friends, but she's started doing that thing where she stares at you and when you talk to her she ducks her head down.  So sneaky.  She loves splashing around in her bathtub.  She enjoys peekaboo.  She sleeps from around 9:30 until 6, and I think she'd wake up later but I make her nurse before I go to work.  We did sleep until around 7 this weekend.

She thinks it's funny when we suction her nose.  Good thing, because she has her mother's allergies and we try to clean out her little nose twice a day.

She has started to roll over.  Then she'll roll back.  Then she'll roll again.  She loves to be held so that she can stand up.

She's very squirmy and very strong.

I'm barely able to take candid photos of her.  Even when I think I'm being sneaky, she sees me and stares and smiles.

Giant eyes.  Giant head.  So much knowledge.

Baby's first Memphis BBQ adventure!

Family portrait before an evening garden party.

Father's Day with Granddad.

She loves the library.  And readings.  LOVES them.

Batman baby does not approve.

She's really patriotic.

I just enjoy this picture of them.  That's her adventure hat!

Sleeping in a wrap will mess up her hair like nobody's business.

She liked the comic store.

She tagged along on a date with us last week.  She watched us eat BBQ...

...and then ice cream.

She got an afghan because she's mine.

Bouncing around with Kelly.

Playing with Boris the bear.

Exactly 4 months old.  Celebrating the event with Granddad in a horse barn wearing a sailor dress.

We celebrated her four-month birthday by popping her in a car to take a three-hour ride because a friend was getting married.  Mom and I went to a bridal luncheon while Dad and Levi took her to tour a ranch and befriend a bunch of grandpas.  Later that night we went to a rehearsal dinner in the nicest horse barn ever and she befriended everyone.  No, really.  I told her all the lights and music and centerpieces were for her.  If only.  The past third of a year has been wild and I'm glad she's been the best part of it.

Happy birthday, big girl.


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Two blog post mentions in a week??? I am honored, lady. Honored.

Happy 4th Month to Evelyn!!! Yay!!!