Monday, July 11, 2011

Congratulatory post for Robert

 You see this guy?  This is Robert.  Husband to Laine.  Awesome brother-in-law.  Fabulous uncle.  All-around good guy.  Future student in the Union nursing program.  Brother-in-law of the hour.

That's right!  He studied hard, and made good grades, and was an impressive interviewing guy.  He'll be entering into a really intense, superfast nursing program.

Then he'll be a nurse!

Then we'll all call him at inopportune times with stupid healthcare-related questions and expect him to treat us over the phone!  Thanks, buddy!

Robert, we're very proud of you and extremely excited.  You're going to be great!

"You better be great, mister.  This is serious business!"
I'm going to give you the biggest hug the next time I see you!  Then, you know, have you check out my lower back.  It bothers me sometimes, and you know medical things now don't mind, do you?  No?  Okay, great.  Thanks.  I'm really glad you're going to be a nurse.



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, yes, he will be the bomb!

Mom2Four said...

Robert, you will be the greatest nurse guy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you.