Saturday, June 11, 2011

An update on all kinds of stuff

I worked my first full week.

Cody has been making new things because the restaurant is introducing new dishes.

Evelyn has been spitting up and seems to have an unhappy tummy.  But she still likes to eat, and she sleeps well, and the rest of her does seem to be happy.

Also, Evelyn is getting fat.  Fat face, fat baby hands and feet, fat arms, and fat legs with rolls and rolls and rolls.  People who haven't seen her in 3 or 4 days can tell how quickly she's changing.

Evelyn is also tall.  We're going to measure her this weekend, or we'll at least try.  The girl is outgrowing me far more quickly than I had feared.

My allergies do not like me.

Evelyn never gets to go anywhere because it's hot.  She talks about how sad she is about this all the time.  Or she at least talks about....something all the time.  It's pretty fascinating.  Sometimes she even says "goo."  I had no idea babies actually said that.

Of all the things we are growing on our balcony, the watermelon plants are the ones that are really thriving.  Oh my goodness. 

These are my craft projects:
Checkerboard knitted scarf.

Granny square-ish crocheted scarf.

A toboggan that's about one-third finished.

A better view.

Things I'm thinking about for next week:
  • Posting patterns for knitted scarf and the crocheted scarf.
  • Finishing the hat.
  • Taking pictures of Evelyn.
  • Figuring out whether to continue with Evelyn's weekly birthday posts.  She turns 3 months old next Wednesday and I may just start writing monthly posts after that.  Do you want to weigh in on this?
  • Making a hostess gift/birthday present for Laine when we go see her.
  • Other stuff if I can make the time.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do fun weekend things before my baby wakes up and demands every moment of my attention (and I'm looking forward to that).

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Anonymous said...

Monthly Evelyn posts are just fine.