Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Laine threw the perfect garden party!

Laine had a garden party this weekend!

She's been wanting to have one for a while.  They always look really fun on the blogs we read, with people wearing their pretty party outfits and having fun.  
And Laine's party was just like that, 
except we weren't beautifully photographed laughing casually because I was in charge of taking pictures.

But it was still a fabulous party and Laine's been wanting to throw a summer/belated birthday party for a while.

This was a big reason she was ready to really have a celebration in her back yard:

Laine and Robert have been doing some serious yardwork lately.  They have a glorious back yard that was just a little cluttered.  But no more!  Things have been pruned, cut back, or uprooted.

And decorated!

And they set up games!



And they had food and drink!

And we dressed up!

I wearing Laine's dress.  Dad tied my great bow.

This was a garden party, after all.
Dad briefly borrowed Laine's party hat.

We took pictures of our pretty outfits, but not nearly enough.
(We were hungry and ready to eat all the beautiful food.)
Dad and Evelyn wore pretty green bows.
Lovely parents!  Mom is wearing her dress from my wedding!  And pearls!  Party attire, y'all.
Party family portrait.  Evelyn is thrilled.
Host and hostess!

They were so happy to have us all over.
Laine and Robert with Leah.  It's a family portrait.
Sara and Chad.  I can't believe Evelyn wasn't staring at Chad's shirt the entire night.  Evelyn loves Chad's shirts.
Then Sara felt the need to model.

And Leah tried to recreate the look.

And Levi laughed at them both.

Then we went out into the night and ate with one another.

And there were banners.

And there were lanterns.

And there were fire pit.

And there was a baggo game.

We wore our pretty clothes and talked and ate and laughed into the night.

And it was the perfect garden party.


Laine said...


Teca said...

Y'all looked like y'all had so much fun! Very pretty party! I have pearls and a green dress. And did Levi go on a date with another woman? Tell your dad he looks good in his tie, if he's not in a fraternity, he should pledge one. Um, was your dad wearing "my" hat? Laine.....